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LKCN Rules & Regulations

LKCN Rules & Regulations

Clinical Duty Rule

Each student to be available on duty 5 min prior to schedule time in uniform.

Each student should be in possession of pocket article

Assignment submission should be done on time.

Students to follow instruction of mentor teacher available during clinical duty.

Clinical attendance should be 100%.

Lab Rule

Article should be handled carefully.

Class Rule

85% attendance

Timely submission of assignment

Classes should be attended in uniform.


All students are required to wear uniform in college as well as during clinical duty.

College Rules

  • Every student admitted in LKCN is expected to follow the rules and regulations of the institute, Govt. of M.P. and University from time to time.
  • Students are required to attend at least 85% of the lectures and laboratory practical separately as laid down by the university ordinance.
  • Each and every student admitted in LKCN shall have to give an under taking prescribed by the institution.
  • The students are required to deposit the full fee at the time of admission.
  • Students are required to be regular in payment of dues to institute and University, for appearing in university examinations and term tests.
  • Students are required to obey the orders of principal, Faculty, Hostel, Warden and all the official staff of the Institute.
  • Ragging of new comers in any form in or outside the campus is highly undesirable and if any student is found or reported involved directly & indirectly is the acts of ragging disciplinary action taken against him/her.
  • Consumption or even possession of liquor /drugs etc. is restricted.
  • Participation in agitation, political activities, unhealthy propaganda or any such activities are strictly prohibited.
  • In case of any dispute the decision of the management shall be final. Any legal aspect of dispute, jurisdiction shall be limited to Datia only.
  • Students must possess the identity card duly authenticated by the principal and keep it all the time. The students may require to produce the card at any time to any faculty member or staff. Its presentation is compulsory in library and in computer center before availing these facilities.
  • Leave other than holidays and vacations will not be ordinarily granted to the students during the session. In extra-ordinary circumstances leave can be granted by the principal, if application is submitted in advance and is accompanied with documentary proof and is counter - signed by parents. However, this leave cannot be granted as excuse of not having minimum attendance requirement as per University Ordinance.
  • If student is found guilty of breach of discipline, or violation of code of conduct within or outside the premises of the institution , the principal may take strict action according to nature and gravity of the offence. The types of punishments are: Suspension from attending classes, or Disqualify such student from appearing in the ensuring examination, or Rusticate such student, or expel such a student from the institute and remove his/her name from the register of Lord Krishna College of Nursing (LKCN).