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Message From The Principal

Message From The Principal

Care of the mankind is the care of god. Nursing as a profession is privileged to be blessed with the noble profession. I am proud to say that nurses are no way inferior to any other profession. Nursing education is holistic in nature. It provide opportunity to the nursing students to understand the science behind the practice of nursing. A nurse who has the potentials to practice can practice independently.

Nursing education has wide opportunities to progress as nurse practitioner, educator, counselor, manager, researcher and administrator. She/he can also progress on other related field such as sociology, management and research through his/her basic nursing education.

Nursing education is dedicated towards evidence based care through higher education and super specialization in nursing. The Lord Krishna College of Nursing, Datia also strive for the quality in nursing education and preparing the nurses who can be competent to world demands of nurses. I wish the institute faculty and student to stand for the quality and be leaders in the development of nursing profession.