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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision


LKCN mission is to emerge as a "CENTER OF EXCELLENCE" in education by adopting innovative approaches and to build the structure of dynamic intelligence.

It will enable our students to meet the challenges and equip them to effectively manage the highly competitive global environment with imaginative problem solving skills.


Our vision is to provide quality education and training to nurture the Indian minds, which play a significant role in the development of our student's careers and in aiding personal development.


  • Emphasis on resource oriented multidirectional and interactive teaching methods focused on the individual.
  • Provide efficient & professional nursing services to the society.
  • To transform the course of education from livelihood oriented to life oriented.
  • Flexibility in organization and structure of teaching.
  • To work constantly in a direction so as to transform pupils in to ideal human beings thereby ideal society, nation and ultimately the world.
  • Train the young minds for managerial responsibilities and entrepreneurial ventures by developing intellectual self reliant and analytical outlook.
  • Strengthen students for overall growth.